Bean-Yin Lee

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In previous work, we have formalized the notions of “planarization length” and “planarization response function” as key parameters that characterize a given CMP consumable set and process. Once extracted through experiments using carefully designed characterization mask sets, these parameters can be used to predict polish performance in CMP for arbitrary(More)
The green processing technology has been brought to the focus of attention around the world. The development and application of green cutting depend on the machine and cutting tool technology progress, in so far as the development of cutting tool technology has quite a big influence. The study was focused on the simulation analysis model for micro milling(More)
Original scientific paper Due to rapid developments in the modern cutting technology, the demand for all kinds of high precision tools has been relatively increased. The final processing of tools denotes the grinding of the cutting edge which is known as the most important procedure. It is also a critical issue for determining the geometrical profiles,(More)
This paper presents the passivity-based position control of induction motors by using the composite adaptation scheme. Firstly, a current model rotor flux observer estimates the flux, and then the adaptive laws estimate the inverse rotor time constant, moment of inertia, viscous coefficient, and load torque of a motor. The passive properties of the negative(More)
Developments in machine tools tend towards high speed technology, including high-speed machining (HSM) and high-speed cutting (HSC), especially in high speed end milling applications [1] and [2]. High speed technology applications in machine tools are characterised by a high feeding speed, low axial and radial cutting depth, increased metal removal rate,(More)
A simplified machine for measuring tool geometry of end mills is presented in this paper. The images of the cutting tools were captured by a CCD camera and converted to digital signals through a software compression device, and then shown on a monitor. In addition, two linear scales were mounted on the X-Y table for the positioning and measuring purposes.(More)
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