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In a retrospective study, we attempted to assess progress in the treatment of comminuted fractures of the femoral shaft at Parkland Memorial Hospital from 1978 to 1983. Seventy-nine comminuted femoral-shaft fractures were available for follow-up: thirty-two treated by roller traction, twenty-three treated by cerclage wires and an intramedullary nail, and(More)
To assess the value of autolymphocyte therapy (ALT) in the treatment of metastatic renal-cell carcinoma, 90 patients were randomised to receive every month for six months oral cimetidine plus an infusion of autologous peripheral blood lymphocytes activated in vitro by a previously generated autologous lymphokine mixture, or cimetidine alone. The median(More)
We present 2 patients with congenital unialteral multicystic kidney disease with hydropelvis. In the first patient the diagnosis was made by precutaneous puncture of a renal cyst followed by injection of contrast medium; in the second the diagnosis was confirmed by percutaneous puncture of the renal pelvis and injection of contrast medium, although an(More)
Over a 5-year period (1979-1984), 33 patients with intra-articular fractures of the distal humerus underwent open reduction and internal fixation of their fractures. Twenty-two (67%) of the patients had multiple injuries. Fourteen (42%) of the fractures were open (1 was Grade I, 8 were Grade II and 5 were Grade III). The mean age was 32 years (range: 15-61(More)
The Murex Cryptococcus Test was compared with the Cryptococcal Antigen Latex Agglutination System (CALAS) for detecting cryptococcal polysaccharide in 173 cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) specimens and 117 serum samples with 99% and 97% concordance, respectively. Eighteen CSF samples and 17 serum samples were positive in both assays, and 249 were negative. The(More)
Apolipoprotein genotyping and tau haplotyping were carried out on a series of cases with dementia and controls from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Both the Apolipoprotein E4 allele frequency and the tau H2 haplotype frequency were low in the Choctaw compared with Caucasians and there was the possibility that the association between dementia and the E4(More)
Seventy-two posterior psoas transfer operations performed in forty-four children with lumbar myelomeningocele were reviewed one to eight years after operation in an attempt to assess its value. Muscle charting, an objective recording of the child's walking ability, and radiographic examination of the hips were done. Hip stability was improved: 49 per cent(More)
OBJECTIVE Microparticles (MPs) are membrane-bound vesicles derived from vascular and intravascular cells such as endothelial cells (EMPs) and platelets (PMPs). We investigated EMP and PMP numbers across a spectrum of autoimmune rheumatic diseases (AIRDs) with the aim of comparing the levels of, and relationship between, EMPs and PMPs. METHODS Patients(More)