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Research on basic human motives (achievement, affiliation, and power) encoded at the emotional level recently returned to the forefront of scientific research. To date, there are only a few studies on the pattern of implicit motives of substance users, so the present study examined opiate users participating in methadone maintenance treatment (N = 80) along(More)
The 520-day experimental simulation of an exploration mission provided an opportunity to apply content analysis for studying the patterns of crew--Control center (CC) communication impeded by lag times. The period of high autonomy was featured by drastic reduction of the number of crew questions and requests which was judged as a marker of adaptation to the(More)
NooJ’s linguistic engine integrates all its parsers (from the lexical to the syntactic level) with its morphological and paraphrase generators. In particular, both NooJ’s syntactic parser and NooJ’s transformational generator use the same single syntactic grammar. Because of this new level of integration, we had to design a new mechanism to manage variables(More)
NooJ is a linguistic development environment that provides tools for linguists to construct linguistic resources that formalise a large gamut of linguistic phenomena: typography, orthography, lexicons for simple words, multiword units and discontinuous expressions, inflectional and derivational morphology, local, structural and transformational syntax, and(More)
Social psychologists argue that people’s past weighs on their present (e.g. Liu and Hilton, 2005). The present chapter intends to show that language, particularly narrative language is an extremely useful device so as to trace the impact of past experiences on current psychological conditions. We will first review some basic tenets of narrative psychology.(More)
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