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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the relationship between abdominal obesity and microalbuminuria (MA) in normotensive, euglycemic Korean men. DESIGN A cross-sectional study at a health screening center. SUBJECTS A total of 1321 healthy, normotensive Korean men, aged 20-78 years, with a fasting plasma glucose level <100 mg/dl. MEASUREMENTS Height, weight, and(More)
AIM To investigate gastric cancer screening and preventive behaviors among the relatives of patients with gastric cancer [i.e., gastric cancer relatives (GCRs)]. METHODS We examined the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005 (KNHANES III) database and compared the gastric cancer screening and preventive behaviors of GCRs (n = 261)(More)
In order to increase inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) use and to reduce hospitalization, emergency department visits and ultimately the economic burden of asthma, "Korean Asthma Management Guideline for Adults 2007" was developed. To assess the guideline effects on physician's ICS prescription for asthma, we conducted segmented regression and multilevel(More)
AIMS Salivary amylase gene (AMY1) copy number variations (CNVs) correlate directly with salivary amylase activity and serum amylase levels. Previously, individuals with high AMY1 CNVs exhibited low postprandial glucose levels and postprandial early insulin surge, suggesting that high AMY1 gene copy numbers may play a role in lowering the risk of insulin(More)
INTRODUCTION Cerebral microbleed (CMB) is a potent risk factor for overt cerebrovascular disease. Although some studies indicated the possible role of renal dysfunction as a risk factor of CMB, the findings could not be generalized. This study aimed to investigate the association between renal dysfunction and cerebral microbleed (CMB) in neurologically(More)
PURPOSE Many end-of-life care studies are based on the assumption that there is a shared definition of language concerning the stage of cancer. However, studies suggest that patients and their families often misperceive patients' cancer stages and prognoses. Discrimination between advanced cancer and terminal cancer is important because the treatment goals(More)
BACKGROUND The association between silent brain infarction (SBI) and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR)-based kidney dysfunction has not yet been definitively confirmed. This study aimed to investigate the association in generally healthy adults without a previous history of stroke or overt kidney disease. METHODS The data from the screening(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS This study sought to identify discrepancies between the expectations of patients with cancer and oncologists regarding the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs), and to determine how patients evaluate CAM efficacy after its use. METHODS Data from the Cancer Patient Experience Study, a nationwide survey, were used.(More)