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INTRODUCTION The presence of Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) was first identified in surface and wastewaters in the United States and Europe in 1960s (Stumm-Zollinger and Fair, 1965). Concerns about their potential risk was raised in 1999 (Daughton and Ternes, 1999) with the issue attracting considerable interest after the presence of(More)
Chemokines are cytokines with chemotactic properties on inflammatory cells and other cell types. RANTES, MCP-1 and related molecules, constitute the C-C class of chemokine supergene family and a group of cytokines produced by hematopoietic cells, while IL-8 constitute the C-X-C class. The roles of most of these chemokines are not well known, although(More)
Interleukin 12 (IL 12) p35/p40 is a heterodimeric cytokine which plays a critical role in inflammation, immunity and tissue proliferation, and also plays a relevant function in T helper (Th) cell polarization and Th1 T-cell differentiation. IL-12 family members, IL-12p70, IL-23, IL-27 and IL-35, play an important role in influencing helper T-cell(More)
There are numerous problems associated with current system which are solving the problem of automatic currency classification. Some of the problems administered are like scaling, rotation and noise in the form of missing valuable data in printing or due to the wear and tear of currency notes. In our system we are first aligning the image horizontally along(More)
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