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Preparation of dihydrocarminomycin and a comparison of its antitumor activity with the activity of carminomycin
A dihydro derivative of karminomycin was prepared using chemical reduction with potassium boron hydride. When dihydrokarminomycin was administered intravenously to healthy albino mice in a singleExpand
[Obtaining 14-oxycarminomycin and a study of its antitumor activity].
The preparation had the same selective antitumor activity as karminomycin and on two-fold intravenous administration to mice with lymphosarcoma, strain L10-1, 14-oxycarminomcin showed the same toxicity as karatecin. Expand
Production and antitumor properties of carminazone
Karminazon had a lower selective antitumor activity with respect to lymphosarcoma than karminomycin, and in its intravenous use in the treatment of mice with lymphosARcoma L10-1 karmineazon was less toxic and had lower antitumors activity than karsenomycin. Expand
Antitumor activity of the components of a carminomycin complex
It was shown that components I, II and III possessed almost the same high antiblastomic activity and the same optimal administration schemes should be used for them. Expand
[Distribution of 3H-carminomycin in the body of mice].
Distribution of 3H-carminomycin with the specific activity of 390 mCu/g prepared by the method of isotope exchange in 3H2O was investigated on mice treated with the antibiotic administeredExpand
[Formation of a new antibiotic, nocamycin, by a culture of Nocardiopsis syringae sp. nov].
A culture of a new actinomycetous species, Nocardiopsis syrinage was isolated from a soil sample. The antibiotic produced by it was named nocamycin. It accumulated in the culture fluid on cultivationExpand
Antitumor activity of carminomycin antibiotic used orally
It was found that karminomycin had practically the same inhibitory effect on growth of lymphosarcoma L10-1 and sarcoma 180 on its peroral and intravenous administration in doses equivalent by their toxicity. Expand
[Formation of new antibiotic, virenomycin, by a culture of Streptomyces virens sp. nev].
: A culture of a new species Streptomyces virens was isolated from a soil sample. It produced an antibiotic designated as virenomycin. The antibiotic was mainly synthesized in the mycelium. OnlyExpand