Bayram Yüksel

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Fasciola hepatica causes chronic liver disease, fasciolosis, leading to significant losses in the livestock economy and concerns for human health in many countries. The identification of F. hepatica genes involved in the parasite’s virulence through modulation of host immune system is utmost important to comprehend evasion mechanisms of the parasite and(More)
ADP-ribosylation factors (Arf), a family of small GTP-binding proteins, play essential role in the regulation of housekeeping functions such as cellular trafficking in yeast, mammalian, and plants. Although this family of genes are strictly conserved both functionally and sequentially throughout Eukaryotae, putative lineage-specific members of these genes(More)
The improvements in high throughput sequencing technologies (HTS) made clinical sequencing projects such as ClinSeq and Genomics England feasible. Although there are significant improvements in accuracy and reproducibility of HTS based analyses, the usability of these types of data for diagnostic and prognostic applications necessitates a near perfect data(More)
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