Bayram Ali Ersoy

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The concept of Γ-semihyperrings was introduced by Dehkordi and Davvaz as a generalization of semirings, semihyperrings, and Γ-semiring. In this paper, by using the notion of triangular norms, we define the concept of triangular fuzzy sub-Γ-semihyperrings as well as triangular fuzzy Γ-hyperideals of a Γ-semihyperring, and we study a few results in this(More)
3 Recently, in [12], Yaqoob et al. introduced the notion of (m, n)-bi-Γ-hyperideals and applied the concept of rough set theory to (m, n)-bi-Γ-hyperideals, which is a generalization of (m, n)-bi-Γ-hyperideals of Γ-semihypergroups. In this paper, applying the rough set theory based on an arbitrary binary relation (not an equivalent relation) we extend and(More)
In this paper, T. K.Duttàs and S. K. Sardar`s semiprime ideal of-rings as a fuzzy semiprime ideal of a-rings via its operator rings was defined. Some characterizations of fuzzy semiprime ideal of-rings was obtained. That is; a characterization prove of a fuzzy semiprime ideal, the relationship between fuzzy semiprime ideal and fuzzy prime ideal was(More)
This paper deals with a special class of hyperalgebra, called Boolean hyperalgebra, which is redefined in it. We introduce the concepts of generalized intuitionistic fuzzy subhyperalgebras and generalized intuitionistic fuzzy hyperideals of Boolean hyperalgebras. A necessary and sufficient condition for an intuitionistic fuzzy subset of the Boolean(More)
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