Bayram Akdemir

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OBJECTIVE This paper presents a new method based on combining principal component analysis (PCA) and adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) to diagnose the optic nerve disease from visual-evoked potential (VEP) signals. The aim of this study is to improve the classification accuracy of ANFIS classifier on diagnosis of optic nerve disease from(More)
All over the world, many portable devices need battery to run. Every expert has to use efficient hardware and software documentation to make battery last longer and make a correlation between microcontrollers’ duties and the remaining energy of batteries. In order to make battery last longer, battery information must be evaluated continuously. In(More)
The aorta is the largest vessel in the systemic circuit. Its diameter is very important to guess for child before adult age, due to growing up body. Aortic diameter, one of the cardiac values, changes in time. Evaluation of the cardiac structures and generating a valid regional curve requires a large study group experience for accurate data on normal(More)
Financial Marketing is very common in the world to make money or to control the company strategy. Nearly all events trigger to each other and moreover countries. Some predicting methods, on guessing the marketing depends on natural behavior of the events. When, have a scrutinize to backwards, it can be evaluated that some upfront events occur periodically(More)
In this study, an effective segmentation method is presented for defect detection on the glass surface. Defect detection on the glass surface is compelling and strenuous job for human eyes. Transparency and reflection properties of the glass surface reduce success of image processing algorithms using detection of the factors that unwanted and affecting(More)
Solar power is spreading all over the world due to energy policy. Increasing pollution and energy price force to improve solar energy rate in total energy. On the contrary, solar power has some drawbacks. Environmental conditions such as dust, shadow and heat directly affect the solar power cell capability. Especially shadow is one of the biggest problem(More)
Automatic defect detection on reflective surfaces is a compelling process. In particular, detection of tiny defects is almost impossible for human eye or simple machine vision methods. Therefore, the need for fast and sensitive machine vision methods has gained importance. In this study, an effective defect detection method is presented for reflective(More)