Bayor Jude Simons

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A partnership between two unrelated public institutions was formed to enhance the quality of clinical learning for students and staff, promote exemplary care to patients, and foster expansion of nursing research. The critical nucleus of the partnership is the unit-based clinical nurse specialist who performs the multiple functions of professional nursing:(More)
The microscopic effect of the exchange interaction parameter for the 2-Dimensional ising model with nearest neighbor interaction has been studied. By supposing simple temperature dependent relationship for the exchange parameter, graphs were straightforwardly obtained that show the reentrant closed looped phase diagrams symptomatic of some colloids and(More)
The response behavior of the topology of various phase diagrams corresponding to different physicochemical systems has been studied. Our study relies on using the 2-D transverse field ising model and considering only distinct nearest neighbor pair-exchange interaction. We calculate phase diagrams in the polarization-temperature phase space with the aid of(More)
Two unrelated public institutions formed a partnership to foster excellence in professional nursing. The organizational structure was described in Part 1 (February 1989). This second article reports a 15-week pilot study conducted on seven hospital units to determine the degree to which the clinical nurse specialist can merge the multiple functions of(More)
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