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  • Bayne
  • Journal of experimental marine biology and…
  • 2000
Rock oysters from a mass selection trial were compared with wild-caught (control) oysters of the same age to determine the physiological basis for faster growth rates amongst the selected individuals, and to describe the associated flexibility in phenotypic traits of feeding, metabolism and growth. In confirmation of earlier studies, fast growth was(More)
Sydney rock oysters were sampled from a mass selection experiment for growth (the "selected" category) and from a control ("not selected") population and held in the laboratory at three ration levels. We evaluated three models to explain faster rates of growth by selected oysters. Selection resulted in oysters feeding at up to twice the rate and with(More)
This document is intended as brief guide to using M1 measurement devices to color manage optically brightened papers. The document begins with terminology and introductory information about M1. To go right to the procedures to be used for color managing optically brightened papers using M1 measurement go to the section titled The M1 Workflow that begins on(More)
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