Baudouin Leclercq

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The frequency of chronic renal failure increases with age, especially in women after menopause. Glomerulosclerosis is a common cause of chronic renal failure in aging. We reported that pre-menopausal female C57BL6 (B6) mice are resistant to glomerulosclerosis, irrespective of the type of injury. However, we now show that B6 mice develop progressive(More)
The frequency and outcome of recurrent lupus nephritis (RLN) among recipients of a kidney allograft vary among single-center reports. From the United Network for Organ Sharing files, we estimated the period prevalence and predictors of RLN in recipients who received a transplant between 1987 and 2006 and assessed the effects of RLN on allograft failure and(More)
Nitric oxide, the metabolic product of L-arginine by the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, plays a pivotal role in the regulation of vascular homeostasis. Its complex interaction with the autocrine and paracrine systems, particularly angiotensin II, modulates vasoconstriction and vasodilatation as well as the architectural remodeling of the vascular bed. The(More)
Estrogen deficiency may contribute to the development and progression of glomerulosclerosis in postmenopausal women. The responsiveness to estrogens could be controlled by genetic traits related to those that determine the susceptibility to glomerular scarring. This study was undertaken to determine whether the intensity of the sclerotic response was(More)
BACKGROUND Bowel perforation is an uncommon but serious complication of peritoneoscopic peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter insertion. The approach to diagnosis of bowel perforation utilizing this technique has not been previously published. The authors report their experience with the diagnosis and management of bowel perforation in the context of(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term therapy with cyclophosphamide enhances renal survival in patients with proliferative lupus nephritis; however, the beneficial effect of cyclophosphamide must be weighed against its considerable toxic effects. METHODS Fifty-nine patients with lupus nephritis (12 in World Health Organization class III, 46 in class IV, and 1 in class Vb)(More)
Intra-access static pressure ratio (SPR) (intra-access pressure/mean arterial pressure) can be measured during angioplasty (PTA) to assess the functional importance of an arteriovenous graft (AVG) stenosis. We used SPR in 70 patients with AVGs who underwent 98 angioplasty procedures. SPR was measured during angioplasty by placing a catheter tip at(More)
Dr. David Ayman (1901-1986) was an astute clinician and observer who challenged medical dogma by performing placebo-controlled studies and by meticulous measurement of blood pressure under standardized conditions. He demonstrated that almost all drugs reported to have an antihypertensive effect in the early 20th century had achieved nothing more than(More)
Pavlova,Anna, Hiroyuki Sakurai, Baudouin Leclercq, David R. Beier, Alan S. L. Yu, and Sanjay K. Nigam. Developmentally regulated expression of organic ion transporters NKT(OAT1), OCT1, NLT(OAT2), and Roct. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 278: F635–F643, 2000.—Several xenobiotic (organic cation and anion) transporters have recently been identified, although their(More)
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