Battu Hanumantha Rao

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Two cases of annular pancreas in adults are being reported. In the first case, a middle aged lady presented with duodenal obstruction and gastric ulcer. Anterior H. S. V. with posterior truncal vagotomy and isoperistaltic duodeno-jejunostomy relieved her symptoms. In the second case, a young girl presented with duodenal obstruction, severe wasting and gross(More)
The goal of this paper is to provide a brief view on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Methodologies that may be useful to systems engineers in understanding to engineer the complex, large and interdisciplinary systems of systems and aiming to support the development of successful systems. The classification of MBSE methodologies by how they are(More)
Paragangliomas are rare tumours of the head and neck and are a diagnostic challenge. Two cases of paragangliomas arising from the vagus are being reported. In the first case, an angiogram raised the possibility of intravagal tumour and exploration followed by biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. In the second case, it was a diagnostic surprise where exploration(More)
Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia was used in 50 patients undergoing abdominal surgery. A fixed dose of 1.0 mL of 5 per cent lignocaine was injected intrathecally in all cases followed by 10 mL of 0.5 per cent bupivacaine epidurally, using "needle through needle" technique in the same lumbar intervertebral space. Subsequently epidural catheter was(More)
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