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The polar filaments within microsporidian spores discharge as tubes with subsecond velocity . Populations of discharging tubes of Glugea hertwigi spores pulse-labeled with latex particles for 1-3 s were consistently devoid of label at the distal ends; discharging tubes were completely labeled after 30to 60-s exposure to latex. This experiment indicates that(More)
Due to the criticality of spatial data in decision making processes that range from military targeting to urban planning it is vital that transmission of spatial data be authenticable and secure. Cryptographic methods can be utilized for this purpose, however they can be relatively slow, especially when encrypting voluminous quantities of data such as is(More)
We use a multi-scale similarity analysis which gives specific relations between the velocity, amplitude and width of localized solutions of nonlinear differential equations, whose exact solutions are generally difficult to obtain. In this paper, wavelet-inspired approaches for localized solutions of NPDE are explored [1,2]. A first method provides relations(More)
The focus of this Computational Engineering Workshop was on the mathematical foundation of state-of-the-art and emerging finite element methods in engineering analysis. The 52 participants included mathematicians and engineers with shared interest on discontinuous Galerkin or PetrovGalerkin methods and other generalized nonconforming or mixed finite element(More)
A ABELARDE Josc F, 30, Pablo Dulalio Bldg, Iloilo, Philippine Islands ALEXANDER C Jerome, (226), Hosp, Canacao, Manila, Philippine Islands ABERNETHY James 1-1, 39, interne Broadlawn's Polk County Public Hosp, Des Moines, Iowa ADAMS Henry Grady, 15, deceased ADAMS, James A, 17, Cushing ADAMS Richard, (24ex), asst state health director, Okla City ADAMS Sylba,(More)
The juvenile hormone analogues methoprene and pyriproxyfen were evaluated as rodent feed-through insecticides for control of immature stages of the sandfly Phlebotomus papatasi Scopoli (Diptera: Psychodidae). The development and survival of P. papatasi second-instar larvae fed faeces from Syrian hamsters, Mesocricetus auratus, that had been fed a diet(More)