Bastien Mainaud

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One of the most important issues in wireless sensor networks is reliable communication. In this article, we present MAODV-SIM, a routing protocol that increases the reliability in a sensor network and which is based on AODV. Our protocol introduces multipath and signal intensity metric. We need to define what reliability is? How can we say that a protocol(More)
This article proposes a new Mac layer scheme (WSC-MAC) for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) improving the overall the network reliability by using cooperative communication. We focus our work on a way to define a relay node among the neighborhood of a node, efficiently and with only few signaling messages. We developed a solution based on an automatic(More)
s of Invited Talks Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks 1 Jean-Pierre Hubaux Grey-Box Cryptography: Physical Unclonable Functions 3 Pim Tuyls Regulär Pap er s Low-Cost EUiptic Curve Cryptography for Wireless Sensor Networks . . . 6 Lejla Batina, Nele Mentens, Kazuo Sakiyama, Bart Preneel, and Ingrid Verbauwhede Re-visited: Denial of Service(More)
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