Bastian Burghardt

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In the mycorrhizal symbiosis, plants exchange photosynthates for mineral nutrients acquired by fungi from the soil. This mutualistic arrangement has been subverted by hundreds of mycorrhizal plant species that lack the ability to photosynthesize. The most numerous examples of this behaviour are found in the largest plant family, the Orchidaceae. Although(More)
Some green orchids obtain carbon (C) from their mycorrhizal fungi and photosynthesis. This mixotrophy may represent an evolutionary step towards mycoheterotrophic plants fully feeding on fungal C. Here, we report on nonphotosynthetic individuals (albinos) of the green Cephalanthera damasonium that likely represent another evolutionary step. Albino and green(More) Changing Partners in the Dark: Isotopic and Molecular Evidence of Ectomycorrhizal Liaisons between Forest Orchids and Trees Author(s): Martin I. Bidartondo, Bastian Burghardt, Gerhard Gebauer, Thomas D. Bruns and David J. Read Source: Proceedings: Biological Sciences, Vol. 271, No. 1550 (Sep. 7, 2004), pp. 1799-1806 Published by: The(More)
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