Bastiaan van Loenen

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Many countries are developing or starting to develop National Geographic Information Infrastructures (NGIIs). The Netherlands Council for Geo-information stimulates the development and further implementation of the NGII in the Netherlands. The publication of the visionary Ravi-document Structuurschets in 1992, promoting the establishment of four uniquely(More)
The motives for constructing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) are often based on their anticipated benefits for society, economy, and environment. According to those widely articulated but rarely proven benefits , SDI coordinators have been defining more specific objectives to be achieved by their SDIs. However, there is a limited number of assessment(More)
Access to earth observation data has become critically important for the wellbe-ing of society. A major impediment to achieving widespread sharing of earth observation data is lack of an operational web-wide system that is transparent and consistent in allowing users to legally access and use the earth observations of others without seeking permission from(More)
SUMMARY At this moment, numerous (catalogue) geoportals have been established and it is expected that many more geoportals will be implemented in the future. To the best of our knowledge, not many status, development and impact assessment studies have been performed with regard to all these initiatives (certainly not on a worldwide scale). It is very(More)
Geo-information is a double-edged sword, regarding its powers in providing instant access to vast amounts of data and the opportunity to abuse, to misinform, and to invade the privacy of individuals on a greater scale than ever before [Cho, 1998: 22]. Thus, access to geo-information has always become an essential issue on development of a National Spatial(More)
Data availability is a key issue affecting the collective well-being of society. Economic and legal scholars have argued that the current, relatively open, access-to-data environment in the United States is beneficial to advancing knowledge and the economy. However, little empirical evidence exists to validate the extent to which various access policy(More)