Bassey A. Bassey

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A number of phase based X-ray imaging methods have been developed that derive contrast from phase effects from the object which make them particularly interesting because of the ability to visualize soft tissues. Shack-Hartmann is a wave-front diagnostic technique that emerged from optics which uses ray-line beams (beamlets) to interrogate the differences(More)
Protection and operational quantities as defined by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) are the two sets of quantities recommended for use in radiological protection for external radiation. Since the '80s, the protection quantities have evolved from the(More)
A multiple energy imaging system that can extract multiple endogenous or induced contrast materials as well as water and bone images would be ideal for imaging of biological subjects. The continuous spectrum available from synchrotron light facilities provides a nearly perfect source for multiple energy x-ray imaging. A novel multiple energy x-ray imaging(More)
The Biomedical Imaging and Therapy (BMIT) beamline at the Canadian Light Source has produced some excellent biological imaging data. However, the disadvantage of a small vertical beam limits its usability in some applications. Micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) imaging requires multiple scans to produce a full projection, and certain dynamic imaging(More)
We describe a spectral x-ray transmission method to provide images of independent material components of an object using a synchrotron x-ray source. The imaging system and process is similar to K-edge subtraction (KES) imaging where two imaging energies are prepared above and below the K-absorption edge of a contrast element and a quantifiable image of the(More)
The BioMedical Imaging and Therapy beamlines at the Canadian Light Source are used by many researchers to capture phase-based imaging data. These experiments have so far been limited by the small vertical beam size, requiring vertical scanning of biological samples in order to image their full vertical extent. Previous work has been carried out to develop a(More)
This study assessed selected science process skills acquisition among senior secondary students in Calabar Education Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve this, three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Survey research design was adopted for the study. Using stratified random sampling techniques, a sample of 413 science students was(More)
The stability of the photon beam position on synchrotron beamlines is critical for most if not all synchrotron radiation experiments. The position of the beam at the experiment or optical element location is set by the position and angle of the electron beam source as it traverses the magnetic field of the bend-magnet or insertion device. Thus an ideal(More)
Buildup region dose calculation of Pinnacle3 (version 9.0), a treatment planning system (TPS) commissioned using cylindrical ionization chamber measurements, have been verified experimentally. Dose values measured using Attix parallel plate ionization chamber were compared with those calculated by Pinnacle3 for a variety of clinical setups involving: 6 MV(More)
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