Bassem Mokhtar

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This paper presents ESCAPE, an informed moving target defense mechanism for cloud containers. ESCAPE models the interaction between attackers and their target containers as a "predator searching for a prey" search game. Live migration of Linux-containers (prey) is used to avoid attacks (predator) and failures. The entire process is guided by a novel(More)
Vehicular Cloud Computing (VCC) has becomea significant research area recently, due to its potentialadvantages and applications, especially in the field ofIntelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). However, thehigh mobility of vehicular environment poses crucial challengesto resources allocation and management in VCC, which makesits implementation more(More)
We define "Big Networks" as those that generate big data and can benefit from big data management in their operations. Examples of big networks include the emerging Internet of things and social networks. A major challenge in big networks is storing, processing and accessing massive multidimensional data to extract useful information for more efficient and(More)
It is becoming increasingly challenging for the contemporary Internet to satisfy the explosion in networking services and applications with their widely diverse and dynamic QoS requirements and resource demands. For smarter networking management and operations, we hypothesize that next generation networks should be endowed with “memory”-like(More)
Endowing the semantically-oblivious Internet with Intelligence would advance the Internet capability to learn traffic behavior and to predict future events. In this paper, we propose a hybrid intelligence memory system, or NetMem, for network-semantics reasoning and targeting Internet intelligence. NetMem provides a memory structure, mimicking the human(More)
Although current Internet operations generate voluminous data, they remain largely oblivious of traffic data semantics. This poses many inefficiencies and challenges due to emergent or anomalous behavior impacting the vast array of Internet elements such as services and protocols. In this paper, we propose a Data Semantics Management System (DSMS) for(More)
Nature is a major source of inspiration for many of the inventions that we rely on to maintain our daily lifestyle. In this paper, we present ESCAPE, an evolved version of our nature-inspired game-like informed moving-target-defense mechanism for cloud containers resiliency. ESCAPE rely on a novel container mobilization framework controlled by a smart(More)