Bassem Alhalabi

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In the past few years many US institutions of higher education have successfully reported their establishment of WEB-based educational environments where learners can pursue higher education via the Internet and diverse modalities. The success, however, has been mainly in virtual classrooms (real audio/video transmission) and/or test taking (on-line form(More)
Autistic children often develop abnormal habits and in some cases they could be unsafe or even dangerous to themselves and their family members. Because of their limited speech ability, their inexperienced parents may underestimate their physical abilities compared to their intellectual level and may not realize that they could easily hurt themselves.(More)
The SNMREC is investigating harnessing power from ocean currents, such as the Gulf Stream, as well as ocean thermal energy conversion to generate base-load electricity, thereby making a unique contribution to a broadly diversified portfolio of renewable energy for the nation's future. Key drivers for investigation are determined by the regulatory process at(More)