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In this paper, a new technique is proposed for automatic segmentation of multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions from brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. The technique uses a trained support vector machine (SVM) to discriminate between the blocks in regions of MS lesions and the blocks in non-MS lesion regions mainly based on the textural features with aid(More)
In these days, smartphones become much more used than the personal computers because of the various categories of applications downloadable from the store. The vendors of smartphones support different platforms hence to reach as many users as possible, the developer has to develop the same application for all these platforms using the different tools and(More)
AUTOSAR is a software methodology commonly used in automotive software system design and implementation. It provides high level of abstraction for the designer through the concept of software components (SWC) and virtual function bus (VFB). Unfortunately, no mature simulation tool is available to simulate the system at the VFB level which disables(More)
One of important factors to maximize the utilization and efficiency of any Photo-Voltaic (PV) system is the Maximum Power Point Tracking technique (MPPT). MPPT is specifically used to extract the maximum available power form the PV array, maximum power can be achieved by tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPP) using specialized algorithms such as Perturb and(More)
Mobile development companies aim to maximize the return on investments by making their mobile applications (Apps) available on different mobile platforms. Consequently, the same App is developed several times; each time the developer uses the programming languages and development tools of a specific platform. Therefore, there is a need to have(More)
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