Bassel Soudan

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One essential security weakness in many modern systems is the difficulty of managing secured and provable-identities for all participating entities. In this work we introduce a process for generating a secret provable identity for electronic devices. The identity is created through a random process that is triggered as an electronic-Mutation (EM) once at a(More)
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a heuristic search method for the exploration of solution spaces of complex optimization problems. The heuristic suffers from relatively long execution times as the update step needs to be repeated many thousands of iterations to converge the swarm on the global optimum. In this work, we explore two dynamic population(More)
With the advent of multi-million gate chips, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have achieved high usability for design verification, exchange, test and even production. Adding to this is the possibility of reusing readily available licensed IP to shorten the design cycle. A major concern for IP owners is the possible over-deployment of the IP into more(More)
Sequence comparison is one of the important database computing applications used in computer science, computational linguistics, social science, biology, etc. This kind of applications processes large database sequences and considered to be high consumers of computation time. Traditional methods apply comparing algorithms on the whole database to find the(More)