Bassam I. Amro

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The nonsteroidal antiinflammatory, selective cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor, meloxicam, was tested to assess its effect on rabbit ovulation. Meloxicam in different doses was administered intraperitoneally (ip) to adult female Californian rabbits at 2, 5, 8, and 24 h postcoitus with sperm-positive rabbits. Rabbits were killed on Day 10 of gestation.(More)
The antioxidative activity of different butanol extract fractions of olive cake was investigated. Four fractions showed marked antioxidative activity in comparison with BHT. Fractions tested also showed good hydrogen donating abilities, indicating that they had effective activities as radical scavengers. Coumaric, ferulic, cinnamic acids and oleuropein were(More)
INTRODUCTION Methanolic extracts of six plants (Arbutus andrachne, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Inula viscosa, Origanum syriacum, Punica granatum, and Rosmarinus officinalis) used in traditional medicine for the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections were evaluated. The present study was conducted to evaluate the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory(More)
The objective of this work was to prepare Glimepiride (1 mg) rapidly disintegrating tablets (RDT) by direct compression, and also, to evaluate PharmaburstTM as a newly introduced diluent for this type of tablets, either alone or in combination with other well known tablet excipients. Another goal was to study the stability, as well as, the in vivo effects(More)
Two accurate, precise and sensitive thin layer chromatographic (TLC) and second derivative UV-spectrophotometric procedures are described for the simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid and dipyrone in pure form and in pharmaceutical dosage forms. The TLC method involved direct application of methanolic solutions of tested samples on silica gel TLC(More)
Metoclopramide HCl showed controlled release behavior when embedded in a hydrophilic matrix of chitosan and sodium alginate. The in vitro release data was found to be first order according to the Higuchi mechanism. An in vivo evaluation of the metoclopramide controlled release matrix on six male volunteers was carried out. The plasma samples were analyzed(More)
Meloxicam, a selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, was administered orally or intravaginally, to sperm-positive female rabbits to assess its effect on ovulation. A single oral dose (20 mg/kg), administered 5 h postcoitus resulted in 100% contraceptive rate. On the other hand, for females receiving meloxicam suppositories (14.9 mg/kg), 5 h postcoitus, the(More)
Arbutus andrachne L. is widely distributed in Jordan. Tyrosinase is the key enzyme in the biosynthesis of melanin. This preliminary study was carried out to assess the possible anti-tyrosinase activity of A. andrachne extracts. Arbutin, hydroquinone and kojic acid were selected as inhibitor standards. Five different extracts (chloroform, butanol, ethanol,(More)
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