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The fact that the signature is widely used as a means of personal verification emphasizes the need for an automatic verification system because of the unfortunate side-effect of being easily abused by those who would feign the identification or intent of an individual. A great deal of work has been done in the area of off-line signature verification over(More)
Falls are a major problem for elderly living independently. The World Health Organization reports that injuries due to falls are the third most common cause of chronic disability. We propose an automated monitoring system that identifies faces in a given area, collects data such as speed of movement, and triggers an alarm if these data suggest the person(More)
One of the most important problems in robot kinematics and control is, finding the solution of Inverse Kinematics. Inverse kinematics computation has been one of the main problems in robotics research. As the Complexity of robot increases, obtaining the inverse kinematics is difficult and computationally expensive. Traditional methods such as geometric,(More)
At the beginning of 20<sup>th</sup> century, scientists started to develop mathematical models in order to predict the probability of occurrence of forest fires. Meteorological parameters, such as daily temperature and humidity, were mainly used. In this paper, we review the seven most usable fire prediction indices in the world, that are Angstrom,(More)
Faecal chymotrypsin was measured in patients with chronic pancreatitis and in healthy black urban and rural control subjects. In the patients, significantly lower values of faecal chymotrypsin were obtained (mean (SD) 2.4 1.79 U/g stool) whereas in urban control subjects, values were within the normal range (mean (SD) 13.2 (11.9)). In rural black control(More)
Prevalences of non-infective bowel diseases are very low in South African urban blacks compared with the white population. In seeking elucidation, using breath hydrogen measurements in series of black and white subjects, small-bowel transit time was determined, and the malabsorption of maize, wheat, and rice investigated. Median transit times in both ethnic(More)
The extraction of ridge and valley connectivity networks is essential for studying spatio-temporal organizations. Extraction of such connectivity networks from multiscale DEMs has lately received notable attention. A simple method is proposed to extract these networks, from a sample DEM as well as a simulated fractal DEM, using non-linear morphological(More)
Iris segmentation is considered as the most difficult and fundamental step in an iris recognition system. While iris boundaries are largely approximated by two circles or ellipses, other methods define more accurately the iris resulting in better recognition results. In this paper we propose an iris segmentation method using Hough transform and active(More)