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Human breath is the gaseous exchange with the blood and thus contains trace organic contaminants and metabolites representative of environmental doses. Sampling and analysis of gaseous components in human breath offers a noninvasive and quick means of qualitatively and quantitatively assessing internalized doses of environmental contaminants. Although the(More)
Effects of radiation on sensing and data transmission components are of great interest in many applications including homeland security, nuclear power generation, and military. A new type of microstructured optical fiber (MOF) called the random hole optical fiber (RHOF) has been recently developed. The RHOFs can be made in many different forms by varying(More)
This communication presents selective preconcentration of the anesthetic agent (Propofol) and the elimination of unwanted species from a representative sample of human breath. In this approach, a micro preconcentrator (microPC) consisting of embedded high-aspect-ratio pillars (30 microm x 120 microm chi 240 microm), an outer dimensions of 7 mm x 7 mm(More)
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