Bassam Al-Mahadeen

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A new approach for signature region of interest pre-processing was presented. It used new auto cropping preparation on the basis of the image content, where the intensity value of pixel is the source of cropping. This approach provides both the possibility of improving the performance of security systems based on signature images, and also the ability to(More)
This paper aims at adding quality of services (QoS) extensions to the associativity based routing (ABR). The performance analysis of the ABR with QOS support is the same as ABR except for more computation on the intermediate nodes to comply with the QOS requirements and the size of the control messages will be varying. But the total number of operations(More)
The simulations results showed that the overall EABR enhancement, when compared with ABR, in terms of communication overhead was ranging from 36% to 56%. While the overall EABR enhancement in terms of number of operation required to reconstructing the route was ranging from 36% to 55%. These enhancements were contributed to the novel way in route(More)
This paper introduces a new integrated clinical record in Jordan using the RFID technology, where currently no clinical report links antenatal, birth and postnatal care for women. As a result no continuity of information is provided to clinicians nor are there national statistics on trends, or performance of hospitals around birth. The paper is based on a(More)
This paper investigates the effect of using computer applications on students' capabilities in distinguishing a type of functions. The type of functions is one-to-one and the use of the computer applications was through visual and interactive web-based tools. The students who participated in this study were divided into two groups: control and experimental.(More)
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