Bassam Al Atalah

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Rice (Oryza sativa) expresses different putative carbohydrate-binding proteins belonging to the class of lectins containing an Euonymus lectin (EUL)-related domain, one of them being OrysaEULS2. The OrysaEULS2 sequence consists of a 56 amino acid N-terminal domain followed by the EUL sequence. In this paper the original sequence of the EUL domain of(More)
In this study, the promoter activity for three types of Euonymus-related lectins (EUL) from rice, further referred to as OrysaEULS2, OrysaEULS3, and OrysaEULD1A was analyzed. In silico promoter analyses showed that the EUL promoters from rice contain next to the typical promoter elements some motifs that are considered to be stress-responsive elements.(More)
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