Bassam A. Albassam

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  • B A Albassam
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology international
  • 1998
Cibacron Blue F3GA (CB) inhibited the activities of wheat leaves NADH:nitrate reductase and NADH:cytochrome-c reductase in a time-independent and concentration dependent manner. The methyl viologen:nitrate reductase activity of the enzyme was unaffected by various CB concentrations used in the experiment. Inhibition of NADH:nitrate reductase was of mixed(More)
Phenolic acids inhibited the activities of wheat leaf nitrate reductase depending on phenolic structure and concentration. Possible conformational change(s) in the enzyme induced by hydrogen bonding and/or hydrophobic interactions might be the cause of the enzyme inhibition. NADH:cytochrome C reductase partial activity was unaffected, which indicates that(More)
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