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UNLABELLED Occupational cancers are cancers due to the exposition of the worker during his daily work to a carcinogenic agent. In Tunisia. the number of declared and compensate cases is still low. The aim of this study is to asses the role of occupational agents in the development of bronchial and pleural cancers and to discuss the causes of this(More)
The development of sophisticated conformal radiation therapy techniques for prostate cancer, such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy, implies precise and accurate targeting. Inter- and intrafraction prostate motion can be significant and should be characterized, unless the target volume may occasionally be missed. Indeed, bony landmark-based portal imaging(More)
INTRODUCTION Cervical cystic lymphangioma are rare and benign, but the prognosis can be serious in terms of its development and management. OBJECTIVES To describe the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective study of eight cases. RESULTS The mean age was 7 years, with a slight female(More)
Head and neck carcinomas are rare in young patients without a history of tobacco consution, tho two classical risk factors. Our report is about 20 year-old patient without a history exosure to radiations or of alcohol / tobacco consumption, who presented with repeated episodes of dysphonia that didn't improve under medical treatment. Endoscopy showed a(More)
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