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College Major Choice and the Gender Gap
Males and females are markedly different in their choice of college major. Two main reasons have been suggested for the gender gap: differences in innate abilities and differences in preferences.Expand
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The Price Is Right: Updating Inflation Expectations in a Randomized Price Information Experiment
Using a unique, randomized information experiment embedded in a survey, this paper investigates how consumers’ inflation expectations respond to new information. We find that respondents, on average,Expand
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Inflation Expectations and Behavior: Do Survey Respondents Act on Their Beliefs?
We compare the inflation expectations reported by consumers in a survey with their behavior in a financially incentivized investment experiment. The survey is found to be informative in the senseExpand
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Financial Education and the Debt Behavior of the Young
Young Americans are heavily reliant on debt and have clear financial literacy shortcomings. In this paper, we study the effects of exposure to financial training on debt outcomes in early adulthoodExpand
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Educational Assortative Mating and Household Income Inequality
We use data from Denmark, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States to document the degree of educational assortative mating, how it evolves over time, and the extent to which itExpand
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Measuring Inflation Expectations
To conduct monetary policy, central banks around the world increasingly rely on measures of public inflation expectations. In this article, we review findings from an ongoing initiative at theExpand
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How Do College Students Form Expectations?
  • Basit Zafar
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Labor Economics
  • 28 February 2011
This study focuses on how college students form expectations about various major-specific outcomes. For this purpose, I collect a panel data set of Northwestern University undergraduates thatExpand
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Home Price Expectations and Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Information Experiment
Home price expectations are believed to play an important role in housing dynamics, yet we have limited understanding of how they are formed and how they affect behaviour. Using a unique “informationExpand
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Determinants of College Major Choice: Identification Using an Information Experiment
This paper studies the determinants of college major choice using an experimentally generated panel of beliefs, obtained by providing students with information on the true population distribution ofExpand
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Personal Experiences and Expectations About Aggregate Outcomes
We use novel survey data to estimate how personal experiences affect household expectations about aggregate economic outcomes in housing and labor markets. We exploit variation in locally experiencedExpand
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