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The hypothesis of object representation by synchronization in the visual cortex has been supported by our recent experiments in monkeys. They demonstrated local synchrony among /spl gamma/ activities (30-90 Hz) and their perceptual modulation, according to the rules of figure-ground segregation. However, /spl gamma/-synchrony in primary visual cortex is(More)
This is a review of our work on multiple microelectrode recordings from the visual cortex of monkeys and subdural recordings from humans--related to the potential underlying neural mechanisms. The former hypothesis of object representation by synchronization in visual cortex (or more generally: of flexible associative processing) has been supported by our(More)
In primates, the area of primary visual cortex representing a fixed area of visual space decreases with increasing eccentricity. We identify visual situations to which this inhomogeneous retino-cortical mapping is well adapted and study their relevance during natural vision and development. We assume that cortical activations caused by stationary objects(More)
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