Basim A Dubaybo

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Idiopathic bronchiolitis obliterans with organizing pneumonia (BOOP) is a clinicopathologic syndrome characterized by an indolent course and favorable prognosis. This report describes five patients with a fulminating and life-threatening variant of this syndrome. Four patients presented with respiratory failure requiring respiratory assistance and positive(More)
Cases of childhood hemoptysis are rare and usually result from foreign body aspiration or congenital heart or lung diseases. However, human hirudiniasis due to the leech still exists, and could involve the upper airways after drinking infested water from quiet streams and pools. We report the case of a 6-year-old child who presented suffocating at the(More)
We studied changes in lung ultrastructure, fibronectin, and collagen during repair of chronic hyperoxic lung injury induced by exposure of rats to 85% oxygen for 14 days. Morphologically, the most persistent changes were in the alveolar interstitium. After 28 days of repair, the extracellular matrix volume was still twofold normal. Total interstitial cell(More)
We describe a patient with central neurogenic hyperventilation secondary to extension of a laryngeal tumor into the base of the brain, resulting in extrinsic compression of the medulla. Such an association has not been previously described. Unique features which distinguish this patient from previously reported cases are emphasized. Possible mechanisms(More)
We describe a model of pulmonary fibrosis in which doses of paraquat ranging from 0.001 mg/kg to 1.0 mg/kg were instilled into the right lung of rats. Lung injury, as measured by right lung lavage albumin content and differential neutrophil count, ranged from undetectable to extremely severe, depending on the dose. Lung fibrosis, as assessed by collagen(More)
We studied changes in rat lung fibronectin (FN) content and synthesis after endobronchial administration of elastase. A severe hemorrhagic neutrophilic alveolitis ensued with plasma protein leakage, initial rise in tissue FN content, and sustained rise in FN synthesis. Unlike fibrotic models where initial rises in tissue FN levels are sustained, levels in(More)
BACKGROUND The burden of chronic respiratory disease (CRD) is alarming. International studies suggest that women with CRD are undersurveyed and underdiagnosed by physicians worldwide. It is unclear what the prevalence of CRD is in the general population of Syria, particularly among women, since there has never been a survey on CRD in this nation. The(More)
So that changes in production and binding of tumor necrosis factor-alpha during postpneumonectomy lung growth could be determined, rats underwent left lung resection and were killed 3, 7, or 14 days later, 1 hour after the injection of 3H-thymidine. Serum was collected, and the lungs were lavaged and perfused in vitro. Lung volumes were measured. Lungs were(More)
Extramedullary plasmacytomas are hematologic malignancies that occur primarily in the head and neck region. They usually involve the submucosal lymphoid tissue of the nasopharynx or paranasal sinuses and present as soft tissue masses, but have not been previously reported to cause airway obstruction. In general, detection of plasmacytoma antedates the(More)