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Detection of cracks on bridge decks is a vital task for maintaining the structural health and reliability of concrete bridges. Robotic imaging can be used to obtain bridge surface image sets for automated on-site analysis. We present a novel automated crack detection algorithm, the STRUM (spatially tuned robust multifeature) classifier, and demonstrate(More)
The condition of bridges is critical for the safety of the traveling public. Bridges deteriorate with time as a result of material aging, excessive loading, environmental effects, and inadequate maintenance. The current practice of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of bridge decks cannot meet the increasing demands for highly efficient, cost-effective, and(More)
Bridges are one of the critical civil infrastructure for safety of traveling public. The conditions of bridges deteriorate with time as a result of material aging, excessive loading, and inadequate maintenance, etc. In this paper, the development of an autonomous robotic system is presented for highly-efficient bridge deck inspection and evaluation. An(More)
Accurate condition assessment and monitoring of concrete bridge deck deterioration progression requires both use of multiple nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technologies and automation in data collection and analysis. RABIT (robotics assisted bridge inspection tool) for bridge decks enables fully autonomous data collection at rates three or more times(More)
In this paper, use of folded patterns as core structures for paper-based flexible wall panels and floorboards building materials was investigated. Effect of changing the geometrical parameters/conditions of the Chevron and the Mating Surfaces Chevron (MSC) patterns on panel core structure performance were studied, aim is to achieve high compressive strength(More)
A novel piezoelectric bridge transducer was developed for an energy harvesting application from vehicle induced loading on pavement. A unique electrode design enables the PZT to be poled horizontally, enabling the d<inf>33</inf> piezoelectric coefficient to be utilized by the transducer, enhancing energy output. The transducers were fabricated and assembled(More)
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