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The bony bridges of the atlas over the "groove of the vertebral artery" are commonly seen in plain radiographs of the cervical spine, and it is a subject of controversy whether they cause compression of the underneath lying vertebral artery. To clarify this we examined a total of 176 dried and complete atlas vertebrae and found the presence of a "canal for(More)
INTRODUCTION Although variations in the origin of the testicular artery are not uncommon, few reports about a high origin from the abdominal aorta exist in the literature. We discuss the case of a high origin of the testicular artery, its embryology, classification systems, and its clinical significance. CASE PRESENTATION We report a very rare case of(More)
The development of pancreatic tissue outside the confines of the main gland, without anatomic or vascular connections between them, is a congenital abnormality referred to as heterotopic pancreas. A heterotopic pancreas in the gastrointestinal tract is usually discovered incidentally and the risk of its malignant transformation is extremely low. In this(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES It is essential to minimize pain after laparoscopic surgery. This study examined the effect of wound infiltration by a long-acting local anesthetic. METHODS This prospective, randomized study includes 190 laparoscopic procedures carried out by the same surgeon. The patients were randomly allocated into 2 groups. The control group(More)
BACKGROUND A previous randomized study showed that clarithromycin decreases the risk of death due to ventilator-associated pneumonia and shortens the time until infection resolution. The efficacy of clarithromycin was tested in a larger population with sepsis. METHODS Six hundred patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome due to acute(More)
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