Basilio Pueo

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Uniform circular array processing has been shown to be a very useful tool for broadband acoustic source localization over 360°. Specifically, beamforming methods based on circular harmonics have attracted a lot of research attention in the last several years, as modal array signal processing is a very active research topic. On the other hand, due to the(More)
Discrete-time domain methods provide a simple and flexible way to solve initial boundary value problems. With regard to the sources in such methods, only monopoles or dipoles can be considered. However, in many problems such as room acoustics, the radiation of realistic sources is directional-dependent and their directivity patterns have a clear influence(More)
Wave Field Synthesis is a method for 3D sound reproduction, based on the precise construction of the desired wave field by using an array of loudspeakers. The main purpose of this work is to present a set of software tools that brings to the audio community a feasible an easy way to start working with wave field synthesis systems. First in the paper, an(More)
This work investigates a generalized implementation of directive sources on discrete-time methods. Results based on previous work for sinusoidal sources have been extended to accomplish real life source requirements, which have a frequency-dependent pattern and show gradual transitions between the different directivities at successive frequencies. One of(More)
Wave Field Synthesis systems achieves a real 3D sound rendering for a wide listening area. However, due to its novelty, there is a lack on the WFS authoring process for mixing engineering. In this paper, a discussion of various strategies to overcome this drawback is presented. Based on this analysis, a compromise solution is proposed, which consists of two(More)
Plane-wave decomposition (PWD) methods using microphone arrays have been shown to be a very useful tool within the applied acoustics community for their multiple applications in room acoustics analysis and synthesis. While many theoretical aspects of PWD have been previously addressed in the literature, the practical advantages of the PWD method to assess(More)
Videoconference systems have been around the market for a long time. Their aim is to provide a way of carrying out meetings without the need for having physical presence of the participants. However, the sense of realism achieved by these systems is usually far away from the one expected by the people involved in the communication. This paper presents(More)
Vertical-jump tests are commonly used to evaluate lower-limb power of athletes and nonathletes. Several types of equipment are available for this purpose. PURPOSE To compare the error of measurement of 2 jump-mat systems (Chronojump-Boscosystem and Globus Ergo Tester) with that of a motion-capture system as a criterion and to determine the modifying(More)
This article deals with the study and analysis of room acoustics through a process of sound field decomposition sampled with microphones circular arrays. The spatial chara cteristics of the sound field inside a room can be meaningfully described by means of microphone array processing techniques. In this context, the set of impulse responses sampled by a(More)