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Segments of the canine ascending aorta, upper descending thoracic aorta, and middle descending thoracic aorta were instrumented with ultrasonic dimension gauges and a cathetertip manometer simultaneously to measure changes in segment diameter, length, and intravascular pressure. Volume distensibility (EV) was calculated as the sum of circumferential(More)
— This paper focuses on reactive power flow and voltage stability in electrical grids. We provide novel analytical understanding of the solutions to the classic nonlinear polynomial equations describing the decoupled reactive power flow. As of today, solutions to these equations can be found only via numerical methods. Yet an analytical understanding would(More)
We studied nine young adult beagles at rest and during four levels of dynamic exercise before and after electrolytic lesions were made in the hypothalamus in the region of the fields of Forel. The beagles were habituated to run freely on a motor-driven treadmill and were instrumented chronically to allow repeated measurement of cardiovascular variables.(More)
—We consider network aggregative games to model and study multi-agent populations in which each rational agent is influenced by the aggregate behavior of its neighbors, as specified by an underlying network. Specifically, we examine systems where each agent minimizes a quadratic cost function, that depends on its own strategy and on a convex combination of(More)
—We consider the framework of aggregative games, in which the cost function of each agent depends on his own strategy and on the average population strategy. As first contribution, we investigate the relations between the concepts of Nash and Wardrop equilibrium. By exploiting a characterization of the two equilibria as solutions of variational(More)
Data are presented which demonstrate no correlation between atrial electrical activity and diameter changes in the descending thoracic aorta of dogs or rabbits. The experiments conducted included bypassing a segment of the descending thoracic aorta in dogs, and production of a variety of arrhythmias without the bypass in dogs and rabbits. We found no(More)
We consider the framework of average aggregative games, where the cost function of each agent depends on his own strategy and on the average population strategy. We focus on the case in which the agents are coupled not only via their cost functions, but also via affine constraints on the average of the agents’ strategies. We propose a distributed algorithm(More)