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An anomalous muscle, the extensor digitorum brevis manus (EDBM) was found at the dorsum of the right hand arising from the wrist capsule beneath the extensor retinaculum and inserting into the ulnar side of the basis of the proximal phalanx of the long finger. The EDBM was located superficial to the common extensor tendons of the fingers. We analyze the(More)
During the preparations of cadavers for educational purposes we followed the course of the right phrenic nerve. On one of them and especially a female cadaver aged 72-year-old we found a branch arising from the thoracic portion of the right phrenic and passing through the two layers of the falciform ligament distributed to the upper surface of the serous(More)
We report a case of an accessory spleen in close relation to the upper pole of the left kidney, mimicking a retroperitoneal tumor. A 58-year-old asymptomatic woman was admitted to our department for the management of a retroperitoneal mass, when the structure was incidentally discovered by ultrasound scan. The patient reported having a splenectomy at a(More)
INTRODUCTION Although variations in the origin of the testicular artery are not uncommon, few reports about a high origin from the abdominal aorta exist in the literature. We discuss the case of a high origin of the testicular artery, its embryology, classification systems, and its clinical significance. CASE PRESENTATION We report a very rare case of(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the origins and morphological features of the popliteus muscle in cadavers. In a sample of 40 lower limbs taken from cadavers the exact morphological features of the popliteus muscle were examined. In 100% of the cases studied we noticed, apart from the known femoral origin from the lateral femoral epicondyle, a(More)
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