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Two cases of intracranial gliomas with extraneural metastases are described. Case 1, studied with biopsy material only, was a left malignant astrocytoma from the area of the rolandic fissure with right cervical lymph nodes metastases in a 43-year-old man. Case 2 was a left temporal malignant astrocytoma in a 21-year-old woman. Fifteen days after craniotomy,(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to correlate the electroclinical and radiologic data with the neuropathologic findings and surgical outcome in epileptic patients with epilepsy and Taylor's focal cortical dysplasia (TFCD) and to characterize further the abnormal intermediate filaments expression in the balloon cell present in the peculiar dysplasia. (More)
Herein we reviewed the histopathological findings in 327 consecutive surgical specimens from patients with pharmaco-resistant epilepsy (PRE). Three major pathological groups (78.3% of all cases) were identified: Ammon's horn sclerosis (85 cases as an isolated lesion plus 18 as one part of a dual pathology), tumors (94 cases), and malformations (77 cases).(More)
The term chordoid glioma of the third ventricle was first used to describe a rare and slowly growing neoplasm of uncertain histogenesis, with chordoid appearance, occurring preferentially in middle-aged women. Herein we report two additional examples of this novel entity together with a literature review based on the 25 cases previously published. Our(More)
Seven fasting subjects were fitted with nasogastric and nasoduodenal tubes and received intragastrically a coarsely emulsified test meal. Gastric and duodenal aspirates were collected after 1, 2, 3, and 4 h. In the duodenum, most lipids (> 90%) were present as emulsified droplets 1-100 microns in size. Large droplets and unemulsified material present in the(More)
Seven cases of papillary meningioma are reported. The patients, 3 females and 4 males, were aged between 21 and 69 years. Five tumors were supratentorial, 1 was located in the left temporal bone, and 1 in the thoracic spinal canal. Five patients had local recurrences and died within 1.4 to 9 years of the original operation. In Case 2, one small pulmonary(More)
BACKGROUND The extent of fat emulsification affects the activity of digestive lipases in vitro and may govern digestion and absorption of dietary fat. OBJECTIVE We investigated the effect of the fat globule size of 2 enteral emulsions on fat digestion and assimilation in humans. DESIGN Healthy subjects received intragastrically a coarse (10 microm) and(More)
To present the imaging and perfusion data obtained in nine patients with pilocytic astrocytomas (PA) and to discuss the original functional issues of this technique. Nine patients with pathologically proven PA underwent conventional and perfusion MR imaging. Various areas of relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV) within the tumors were obtained. The maximum(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging allows the identification of heterotopic gray matter (HGM) in medically intractable partial epilepsies. The relationships between HGM and the epileptogenic zone remain, however, unclear. In a case of a temporo-parietal epilepsy studied by stereo-EEG, interictal and ictal electrical activity of a temporal HGM were recorded,(More)