Basil Worrall

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SUMMARY Java programmers cannot but be aware of the advent of C#, the .NET network environment, and a host of new supporting technologies, such as web services. Before taking the big step of moving all development to a new environment, programmers will want to know what are the advantages of C# as a language over Java, and whether the new and interesting(More)
Programmers often need to use distributed algorithms to add non-functional behaviour, such as mutual exclusion, deadlock detection and termination, to a distributed application. They find the selection and implementation of these algorithms daunting. Consequently they have no idea which algorithm will be best for their particular application. To address(More)
Programming in a distributed environment is a complex activity. Programmers need to be aware of issues unrelated to their domain of expertise, and are often unprepared for the challenges that distribution brings. Chief among these are the choice and application of different distributed algorithms, and the adaptation to evolving and emerging middleware(More)
Java programmers cannot but be aware of Microsoft's new initiative - a complete language, network environment, and a host of supporting technologies under the title of C# .NET. We highlight the advantages of C# by presenting our experiences connecting it to Java in three ways. The first is by providing a platform and language-independent XML-based API(More)
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