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Packet switching of variable-bit-rate real-time video sources is a means for efficient sharing of communication resources while maintaining uniform picture quality. Performance analysis for the statistical multiplexing of such video sources is required as a first step towards assessing the feasibility of packet video. This paper extends our earlier work in(More)
—Cloud computing builds upon advances on virtualization and distributed computing to support cost-efficient usage of computing resources, emphasizing on resource scalability and on demand services. Moving away from traditional data-center oriented models, distributed clouds extend over a loosely coupled federated substrate, offering enhanced communication(More)
Satellite link characteristics cause reduced performance in TCP data transfers. In this paper we present SaTPEP, a TCP Performance Enhancing Proxy which attempts to improve TCP performance by performing connection splitting. SaTPEP monitors the satellite link utilization, and assigns to connections window values that reflect the available bandwidth. Loss(More)
Instrumentation Grids aim at controlling and managing heterogeneous resources & instruments securely, reliably and in near real-time. Within this context, we present a Web Services based Security Architecture that aims at improving security performance maintaining at the same time interoperability with legacy Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). Our(More)
In this paper, a generalized data fusion and network anomaly detection methodology is introduced and described. The proposed data fusion approach provides an integrated way of taking into consideration and combining effectively correlated performance metrics, for improving the anomaly detection capabilities and the corresponding network operational(More)