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This paper presents the first in vivo measurements of intravoxel incoherent motion in the human placenta, obtained using the pulsed gradient spin echo (PGSE) sequence. The aims of this study were two-fold. The first was to provide an initial estimate of the values of the IVIM parameters in this organ, which are currently unknown. The second aim was then to(More)
This paper presents the first in vivo measurements of perfusion in the human placenta from 20 weeks gestational age until term, using the non-selective/selective inversion recovery echo-planar imaging sequence, in which data is alternately acquired following a selective and non-selective inversion pulse. Twenty pairs of images were collected, two each at(More)
It is becoming increasingly evident that material strength and other mechanical properties depend not only on the density but also on the internal architecture of the structure in question. The internal structures of five different stereolithographic samples were examined noninvasively using high resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The image(More)
Attempts to quantify the permeability constant that appears in Darcy's equation in terms of the porosity, tortuosity and surface area have been made by Kozeny and Carman. These results in turn have been translated by Seevers into expressions involving spin-lattice relaxation times. When this work was done originally in the mid-1960s, NMR imaging and(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to explore the influence of extended-release niacin/laropiprant (ERN/LRP) versus placebo on high-density lipoprotein (HDL) antioxidant function, cholesterol efflux, apolipoprotein B100 (apoB)-containing lipoproteins, and mediators of vascular inflammation associated with 15% increase in high-density lipoprotein(More)
NMR measurements of water velocity flowing through two different porous rocks, Bentheimer and Clashach, have been made using the PEPI sequence. Random changes of localised velocity occur in both materials even though the average velocities across the core cross-sections follow Darcy's Law. The velocity distributions are approximately Gaussian and the(More)
The Mansfield and Issa model of voxel pair coupling is extended using electrical circuit simulation to interacting voxel clusters comprising all configurations of contiguous voxels up to and including four voxels. This information is used to simulate flow through porous rock samples by calculating the expected velocity distributions found in porous rocks(More)
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