Bashir M. Y. Nouri

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Many investigations on orthotic devices for araplegics have been undertaken during the last 5 years. Ferris et al. 1 investigated an ankleoot orthosis powered by artificial pneumatic uscles. Harwin 2 discussed the theoretical coniderations for the design of simple teleoperators nd powered orthosis. Despite substantial adances, a suitable orthosis that gives(More)
Since no universal friction model exists and the practical measurement of friction is not straightforward, this paper presents an experimental method of identifying friction in mechatronic systems. Friction is perhaps the most important nonlinearity that is found in any mechatronic system of moving parts and influences the system in all regimes of(More)
Mobile robots is a relatively new research area that is normally considered from several different perspectives mainly, engineering and computer science levels. This paper deals with the engineering level of mobile platforms; i.e. the physical, hardware and mechatronic levels of mobile platforms, and presents complete models for the main hardware components(More)
This paper derives an empirical model of the air flow through a variable area orifice of a 5-port proportional valve, in function of pressures at the supply port and at the pneumatic cylinder, i.e. including the flow resistance of the connecting tubes and fittings, and the (quasi-static) valve’s driving voltage. Effects of nonlinear flow through the valve,(More)
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