Bashir Ahmad

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Congestion in network occurs due to exceed in aggregate demand as compared to the accessible capacity of the resources. Network congestion will increase as network speed increases and new effective congestion control methods are needed, especially to handle "bursty" traffic of today's very high speed networks. Since late 90's numerous schemes i.e. [1]-[10](More)
From the preliminary stage of software engineering, selection of appropriate enforcement of standards remained a challenge for stakeholders during entire cycle of software development, but it can lead to reduce the efforts desired for software maintenance phase. Corrective maintenance is the reactive modification of a software product performed after(More)
A definition of intelligence is given in terms of performance that can be quantitatively measured. In this study, we have presented a conceptual model of Intelligent Agent System for Automatic Vehicle Checking Agent (VCA). To achieve this goal, we have introduced several kinds of agents that exhibit intelligent features. These are the Management agent,(More)
Software engineering is one of the most recent additions in various disciplines of system engineering. It has emerged as a key obedience of system engineering in a quick succession of time. Various Software Engineering approaches are followed in order to produce comprehensive software solutions of affordable cost with reasonable delivery timeframe with less(More)
Management of project planning, monitoring, scheduling, estimation and risk management are critical issues faced by a project manager during development life cycle of software. In RUP, project management is considered as core discipline whose activities are carried in all phases during development of software products. On other side service monitoring is(More)
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a new trend towards increasing the profit margins in an organization due to incorporating business services to business practices. Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a unified method planning form for large business applications that provides a language for describing method content and processes. The well defined(More)
Over the last few years electronic learning has been in use mostly by corporate institutes in the form of computer aided instructions and computer based training. The scope of such use has not only been limited to introductory courses for beginners and working people but also to impart knowledge in higher education sector. Due to increasing market demands(More)
During the recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the development and deployment of multimedia based networked applications such as video streaming, IP telephony, interactive games, among others. These applications, in contrast to elastic applications such as email and data sharing, are delay and delay jitter sensitive but can tolerate certain(More)