Bashar A Zeidan

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BACKGROUND Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the lacrimal gland is a rare tumour. Their aggressive behaviour, with a high-risk of local recurrence, and late distant spread of the tumour even after aggressive management has been reported. Metastasis to the liver is rare and when it occurs, it is usually part of widespread metastasis, and therefore surgical(More)
Expression profiling and biomarker(s) discovery aim to provide means for tumour diagnosis, classification, therapy response and prognosis. The identification of novel markers could potentially lead to the building of robust early detection strategies and personalized, effective breast cancer therapies that would improve patient outcome. Recent evidence(More)
BACKGROUND Splenosis is a heterotropic implantation of splenic fragments onto exposed vascularised peritoneal and intrathoracic surfaces, following splenic injury or elective splenectomy. CASE PRESENTATION A 60 year old cirrhotic patient was referred to us with a hepatic mass, suspected to be HCC in a cirrhotic liver. A computerized tomography scan (CT)(More)
Breast cancers are the most common cancer-affecting women; critically the identification of novel biomarkers for improving early detection, stratification and differentiation from benign tumours is important for the reduction of morbidity and mortality.To identify and functionally characterise potential biomarkers, we used mass spectrometry (MS) to analyse(More)
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