Basem S Marie

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This study is designed to test the acoustic characteristics of the normal Arabic voice. The subjects were 300 normal Arabic speakers (100 adult males, 100 adult females, and 100 children). The subjects produced a sustained phonation of the six steady state Arabic vowels (/i:/, /e:/, /a:/, , /o:/, and /u:/). The samples were input into the Time-Frequency(More)
PURPOSE This study examined the benefits of a self-administered, clinician-guided, computer-based, cued naming therapy. Results of intense and nonintense treatment schedules were compared. METHOD A single-participant design with multiple baselines across behaviors and varied treatment intensity for 2 trained lists was replicated over 4 participants. Two(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the maximum expiratory pressure (MEP) and maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP) of Jordanian patients (19 females and 20 males) with multiple sclerosis (MS). A control group of 28 females and 26 males was included for the purposes of comparison. For the MS group, MIP results were as follows: female = 53.5 ± 36, male = 88.6(More)
This article will form part of a virtual special issue of the journal, presenting some highlights of the 12th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-ray Diffraction and Imaging (XTOP2014). Rocking curve imaging (projection and section X-ray topography) has been used to study the generation and propagation of defects at the junctions between and above the(More)
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