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The ubiquitin/26S proteasome system plays an essential role not only in maintaining protein turnover, but also in regulating many other plant responses, including plant-pathogen interactions. Previous studies highlighted different roles of the 20S proteasome in plant defense during virus infection, either indirectly through viral suppressor-mediated(More)
  • Basavaraj, Nagabhushana, Prashanth Wagmare
  • 2010
Eighteen four week's old weaned broiler rabbits of comparable body weights were allotted to three dietary treatment groups of six rabbits in each group namely T0 (basal control diet, T1 (basal diet added with turmeric rhizome powder, TRP, at the ratio of 150mg)and T2 (basal diet added with TRP at the ratio of 300mg/100g diet). Different hematological and(More)
  • Basavaraj, Rajendrakumar Nl, Hemanth Pn, Umamaheshwari Kb, Nishanth Rk
  • 2015
Schwannomas are benign, slow-growing encapsulated tumors that originate from Schwann cells of the nerve sheaths. Schwannoma originating from the cervical vagus nerve is an extremely rare neoplasm that usually occurs in men between the 3rd and 6th decades of life. Ancient schwannoma is a rare variant that was first described by Ackerman and Taylor in 1951 as(More)
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