Basavaraj Talwar

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The Service Discovery in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) is a difficult task because of the changing nature of such networks. Different services are available in MANET considering time and location. Many varying traditional solutions to service discovery of Internet are not well suited for MANET because of their Ad hoc nature. Consequently, Service Discovery(More)
The hospital records of 125 children, aged 14 years or less treated for abdominal tuberculosis (TB) at Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, Ajmer, India between January 1987 and December 1996, were studied to analyse the various patterns of abdominal TB in children and to evaluate the role of various investigations in researching a diagnosis.(More)
The paper presents a novel resource and service discovery mechanism for MANETs using Routing Intelligent Mobile Agents(RIMAs). RIMAs periodically collect routing, resource and service availability information and index the same in appropriate RIMA nodes. Every mobile node is close to atleast one RIMA node. The mobile node running an application in need of a(More)
Streaming applications demand hard bandwidth and throughput guarantees in a multiprocessor environment amidst resource competing processes. We present a Label Switching based Network-on-Chip (LSNoC) motivated by throughput guarantees offered by bandwidth reservation. Label switching is a packet relaying technique in which individual packets carry route(More)
We describe a System-C based framework we are developing, to explore the impact of various architectural and microarchitectural level parameters of the on-chip interconnection network elements on its power and performance. The framework enables one to choose from a variety of architectural options like topology, routing policy, etc., as well as allows(More)
Sapphire is a multi-processor/multicore simulator where the memory hierarchy, interconnect (network on chip) and offchip DRAM are parametrized and can be configured to model various configurations. Sapphire addresses shortcomings in SESC by integrating it with Ruby from the GEMS framework. Sapphire also integrates Intacte, an interconnect power model.(More)
Most of the focus in the early dental implant literature is on the bone to titanium interface because a successful Osseo integrated implant requires direct bone contact to the implant surface. The importance of soft tissue in the ability of dental implants to restore function and esthetics has often been underestimated. This paper reviews the pertinent(More)
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