Basavaraj S. Anami

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This paper presents an automated system for recognizing the medicinal plant leaves that are taken from the suburbs of the western ghats region. The dataset comprises of 250 different leaf images, of five species. Texture analyses of the leaf images have been done in this work using the feature computation. The features include grey textures, grey tone(More)
This paper presents a high speed architecture for composite field arithmetic based SubBytes transformation (S-box) used in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. The proposed architecture is derived by extending the pre-computation technique suggested recently by Liu and Parhi to a recently proposed architecture of AES S-box due to Rashmi, Mohan and(More)
This paper presents a method for identification and classification of images of medicinal plants such as herbs, shrubs and trees based on color and texture feature using SVM and neural network classifier. The tribal people in India classify plants according to their medicinal values. In the system of medicine called Ayurveda, identification of medicinal(More)
Digital Photo images are everywhere, on the covers of magazines, in newspapers, in courtrooms, and all over the Internet. We are exposed to them throughout the day and most of the time. Ease with which images can be manipulated; we need to be aware that seeing does not always imply believing. We propose methodologies to identify such unbelievable photo(More)
This paper presents the comparative study among HSV and YCbCr color models in the classification of food grains by combining color and texture features without performing preprocessing. Also, the paper deals with the effect of training set, block size and K-value in the process of classification. The proposed method is performed in two phases; the feature(More)
Vehicles of a given type, in different working conditions, generate dissimilar sound patterns. Each sound pattern is viewed as acoustic signature. Sounds of moving vehicles provide clues of their traits such as makes, possible faults, performances of sub systems and the like. Different work conditions mean vehicles running at different speeds, under(More)
In foodstuff trade, grading of coarse food resources is essential because samples of stuffs are subjected to adulteration. In the precedent, foodstuffs in the appearance of granules were conceded through sieves or supplementary mechanical way for grading purposes. In this manuscript, investigation is performed on basmati rice granules; to appraise the act(More)
Generic fourier Descriptor(GFD) and for texture descriptors gabor filters are used. The similarity measures, euclidean distance of each medicinal plant image from the database to query image is used. The images are sorted based on similarity of Euclidean distance. The retrieval experiments are carried on different training and test medicinal plant images.(More)
In this paper, improved architectures are proposed for implementation of S-Box and inverse S-Box needed in the Advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm. These use combinational logic only for implementing SubByte (S-box) and InvSubByte (Inverse S-box). The composite field arithmetic used for implementing S-Box in lower-order Galois field (GF)(More)