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SUMMARY This paper presents a realization of a simple antenna system for land vehicle satellite communication that is tested in experiments conducted on the Engineering Test Satellite-VIII (ETS-VIII). The developed antenna system which was mounted onto a vehicle roof is compact, light weight with simple satellite-tracking operation. In order to realize(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents a simple antenna system for land vehicle communication aimed at Engineering Test Satellite-VIII (ETS-VIII) applications. The developed antenna system which designed for mounting in a vehicle is compact, light weight and offers simple satellite-tracking operation. This system uses a microstrip patch array antenna, which includes(More)
This paper provides a dual-arm modified-spiral magnetic-type textile antenna for wireless medical communication applications. The proposed antenna is constructed of a woven fabric substrate and a copper patch on the substrate aiming at 2.45 GHz band operation. The antenna is simulated and measured with and without human body phantom. The antenna shows(More)
We are developing a microwave imaging system that is affordable, easy to operate (portable), non-ionization (safe radiation) and non-invasive. In this paper, a microwave imaging system using UWB printed dipole-like antenna based on back-projection algorithm is proposed at frequency of 5.8 GHz aimed at tumor imaging system in order to obtain a reconstructed(More)
Receiver radio frequency coil (RF coil) is one of the important components in MRI system, which it operates by receiving RF signal that emitted from the excited body part. In this paper, a novel design of dual resonant RF phased array coil for MRI 3T and 7T system is proposed. Phased array is chosen due to its advantages for parallel imaging, high SNR and(More)
Currently, many researchers have been concerning with body-centric wireless communications systems (BWCS) since their numerous medical applications including in combination with low rate wireless personal area (LR-WPAN) technology for human physiological monitoring system. This paper proposes a novel wearable antenna that operates at 2.45 GHz for(More)
In this paper, a four element coplanar waveguide fed monopole antenna which is arrayed as volume array antenna to obtain omnidirectional pattern is presented. This femtocell antenna is designed to work at frequency 2.3-2.5 GHz for VSWR <;2 and have at least 100 MHz impedance bandwidth. This array antenna has low mutual coupling, 460 MHz bandwidth at(More)
In cellular networks, it is estimated that more than 50% calls and over 70% of data services occur indoors. Femtocells, also known as home base station, are cellular network access points that connect standard mobile devices to a mobile operator's network using residential Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), cable broadband connections, optical fibres or(More)