Basam Musleh

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The movement of the vehicle provides useful information for different applications, such as driver assistant systems or autonomous vehicles. This information can be known by means of a GPS, but there are some areas in urban environments where the signal is not available, as tunnels or streets with high buildings. A new method for 2D visual ego motion(More)
The lack of trustworthy sensors makes development of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) applications a tough task. It is necessary to develop intelligent systems by combining reliable sensors and real-time algorithms to send the proper, accurate messages to the drivers. In this article, an application to detect and predict the movement of pedestrians(More)
This paper presents the IVVI 2.0 a smart research platform to foster intelligent systems in vehicles. Computational perception in intelligent transportation systems applications has advantages, such as huge data from vehicle environment, among others, so computer vision systems and laser scanners are the main devices that accomplish this task. Both have(More)
Sensors represent a key element in Advance Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). The lack of reliable sensors able to fulfill the requirements for road safety applications leads to the necessity of combining them to create a fusion procedure able to overcome the limitations of a single set of sensors. Recent advances in vision based pedestrian detection have(More)
This paper presents an autocalibration method to determine the pose of a stereo vision system based on knowing the geometry of the ground in front of the cameras. This pose changes considerably while the vehicle is driven, therefore it is good to know constantly the pose of the camera for several applications based on computer vision, such as advanced(More)
Nowadays, intelligent systems applied to vehicles have grown very rapidly; their goal is not only the improvement of safety, but also making autonomous driving possible. Many of these intelligent systems are based on making use of computer vision in order to know the environment and act accordingly. It is of great importance to be able to estimate the pose(More)